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This manual is split into three main parts.

The first part is the Userguide. This discusses the general concepts behind creating a Graphical User Interface (GUI) application. The second part is the Reference section. This part of the manual details each of the GTK objects and the individual methods and signals that can be used with them. Thirdly, there is a section named Tutorials.

Only the Reference section is searchable (in PHP versions).

The manual is produced using a modified version of the Docbook DTD. The modifications that have been made allow the documentation of the object system used by PHP-GTK. The XML basis for each of the classes and their methods is generated automagically from the PHP-GTK source code. Note that it is not possible to generate signal information in this way, i.e. if there is no accompanying textual description then signal information is ispo facto incomplete for that class.

The XML Generator was written by Andrei Zmievski, the original author of PHP-GTK itself. The documentation is transformed from its XML source into various other formats using XSL stylesheets as well as a host of other tools.

The manual build system was created by James Moore and is maintained by both himself and Steph Fox.

The manual is currently available in plain text, single or multiple HTML, and searchable PHP formats, all of which are downloadable from the PHP-GTK website.


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